My Nuttie adventures. By Libbie Joyce – age 15.

I have been running The Nuts Challenge for the last 4 years and it is one of my most favourite races of all time. Back in 2020 I really wanted to try Winter Nuts because I loved Summer Nuts so much and wanted to set myself a big challenge. I’d heard it is one of the toughest races in the UK and I know lots of people thought I must be mad. They even told my Mom she was crazy to let me try it.

I think what makes The Nuts Challenge extra challenging is the terrain. It’s a hard course because of the ground you run on, it’s in and out of ditches, crawling and pulling yourself up, the mud is thick, there’s lots of water and then you have the obstacles and the technical zone. Add to that the cold weather and well, this becomes one of the hardest OCR’s out there. You have to keep moving. The weather in March is COLD and when you hit the water sections it takes your breath away and your muscles freeze, so just run!

But, it can be so much fun as I found out in March 2020 when I decided to run with my team-mate Linda Johnson. It was hard but we had lots of giggles especially me trying to stay on my feet because it was so muddy and slippery. I was like Bambi on ice! I got stuck in The Mud Pits too and had to ask some men to help pull me out. I’m not sure what would have happened if they didn’t, I’d probably still be there now.

The support from the marshals’ cheering you on is always brilliant, I love seeing all the racers supporting each other and watching new people try the course and help each other, this is what OCR is all about.

When you complete Winter Nuts, I promise you will feel on top of the world. What you will achieve and complete is no mean feat. The medals are always epic and the feeling you get when you cross the finish line is just amazing.

The course is well marked out so you know where you are going, at all times. This race is suitable for all abilities, if you’re wanting that extra challenge you can choose to wear a competitive bib which means you go into the technical zone where it becomes super challenging trying to complete every single obstacle. That’s not easy when your hands are wet, muddy and you have to stay on the obstacles and get 100% completion so you don’t lose that bib.

It's also brilliant fun for new racers and fun runners because you can choose to have a go or go round the obstacle if you need to.

The atmosphere is always electric so if you really want a challenge, book this race and even if you’ve never done one before, book 1 lap, you will be hooked.

I look forward to seeing you in the MUD.

My pre-race breakfast is: Porridge
My mid-race fuel is: @voomnutrition bars, mini cheese sandwiches, Haribo, Salty nut bars and Monster Munch.
My favourite Nuts Obstacle: The Nut-Cracker. You have to climb up through the middle of a stack of tractor tyres and once out the top you come down a cargo net the other side. It’s great fun!


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