Being a seasoned and fairly experienced OCR runner, doing something at a slower pace with family and on obstacles that were full of air was somewhat out of the ordinary to me.

From the moment I clicked “confirm order” until I arrived at the venue in the morning, family in tow, I was really, really excited about this event.

The sun made a glorious appearance and spirits were high all around. I’m familiar with the venue’s location so I knew to expect a flat run with just lots of fun to be had.

Direction and parking were a piece of cake, well manned and clear. Toilets were conveniently positioned right next to the warm up zone and start so that last minute dash before you set off is easy. Race packs and numbers were pre posted prior to the event so no need to queue for registration.

It wasn’t long before our wave was called for warm up, done by a fab team from Pure Gym. A brilliant vibe was all around as we finished warming up and made our way to the start. Separated and set off in groups of 50 or so at a time meant no mass bundle for the first obstacle. From that moment on it was non stop chatter, laughter and happy family memories being made, despite the frequent “my legs are tired” and “I’m thirsty” from the youngest member of Team J-H.

Perfectly placed at the half way point was our refreshment stop. Kindly sponsored by High5 there was a flavoured squash option or water and a snack bar on offer too.

As we set off for the second half, I stopped for a moment to listen and look around me and absorb what I saw. As fully expected it was still non stop laughter and smiles all around. Some fantastic efforts in fancy dress and recognition that we come in all shapes, sizes, ages and sex. It really is an event for everyone. (provided you’re taller than 1.3m). After conquering all the remaining obstacles, all that was left was the final one. It was upon us in no time and the littlest J-H and myself chose the almost vertical slide whilst the men of the family, senior and junior, went all out bravery for the leap of faith.

It was quite a climb for our sheer slide and upon reaching the top, that sudden drop from the top really was too much for my brave little princess so we made our descent back down. Despite this, I couldn’t be prouder of my little one as the effort she put in and the fun we had was absolutely priceless and I really couldn’t have asked for more. We watched our boys do their leap, albeit I’m sure, through gritted teeth before we joined hands for the finish line.

Greeted by 2 photographers to capture those final moments, we were given a very decent medal, nice t-shirt as well as water refreshments and milkshake freebie from Yazoo, made for a very pleasant finish. An immense sense of achievement all around, especially my 2 youngest tribe members. A fantastic venue, extremely well organised, brilliant goodies, all duly noted and each part of this jigsaw fits together and works perfectly.

Event village was small but sufficient for this type of event. The ice cream van had a steady queue and was just perfect for spectators and runners. I tracked down the RD and thanked him for such a brilliant event.

Would I recommend this event?? YES I would. To EVERYONE and I mean everyone. If you’re feeling really challenging, there is a 10k option too.

You don’t need to be able to run 5k to do this, we didn’t. You just need a smile and know how to have fun and that we did!

Maybe I’ll see you at the next one.


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